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About Us

Given that the United Arab Emirates is one of the most important and best international tourist destinations. And because of our love and keen interest in travel and tourism, we established our company Trans Oceans tours in the United Arab Emirates in the Emirate of Sharjah in the year 2018

We have hired some of the best aviation staff and tourism consultants to cater to the services and aspirations of various clients across the UAE and abroad.

In the year 2020, two years after the opening of our first branch, we decided to open our second branch in the Emirate of Sharjah - Muwailih, but the Corona pandemic came, which greatly affected all companies in general and travel and tourism companies in particular, so we decided to postpone the opening of our new branch to the year 2021. It opened in April of 2021, and we look forward to opening more branches to meet customer service in various Emirates.

We are pleased to provide our services to you, which are:

- Reservation of airline tickets to all countries.

- UAE tourist visa for different nationalities.

- Reservation of hotels and accommodations of all kinds in various countries.

- Reservation of private cars and limousines for transportation to and from the airport.

- Book family trips in various countries.

-Reservation excursions in the UAE.

- Reservation of cruises, fishing trips and charter yachts inside and outside the UAE.

- Assistance in applying for visas for some countries.

- Organizing group travel.

- Travel insurance booking.

You can contact us by visiting one of our offices or online via Email, Social Pages, Calls and WhatsApp

E-mail :

Branch (1): UAE - Sharjah - Sheikh Mohammed bin Zayed Street - behind Tasjeel Village. Tel: (+971) 65267677

Branch (2): UAE - Sharjah - Muwailih Commercial - behind Al-Thiqa Club. Tel: (+971) 65467474

Whatsapp: (+971) 505405622 – (+971) 506693824 – (+971) 509747925 – (+971) 507349439 – (+971) 502415723